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Active Birth, Movement Based Antenatal Classes, Baby Massage/Yoga and Antenatal teacher training

Our array of unique Antenatal Pregnancy Classes and Postnatal Baby Classes are all inspired by movement, massage and relaxation and enable you to prepare for birth and enjoy the first months with baby, in a unique setting.  For mums to be our truly unique active birth education is designed to make confident birth 2nd nature (using our unique active antenatal mind/body movement method, active birth education and birth breathing, specifically designed to provide a tool kit for any and every birth journey. We believe this is the most effective way to learn your antenatal education, anchored to your body, your breath, your movement - where you will need it most on your babies birthing day.   And for new mummies a 'must have'  4th trimester class helps you understand how to use massage and calming techniques to soothe your new baby, whatever your parenting style.  In addition a range of mummy & baby postnatal modules incorporating postnatal movement, infant massage & baby yoga, enable you to feel more confident, more comfortable and fit for motherhood (and help you reclaim your body and feel happy in your own skin!).

We are not here to tell you 'how to' or what is right or wrong for you - but rather to help you discover an array of holistic techniques which can sit equally comfortably in any birth situation. From 4-hour natural labours at home, to mums feeding back on their increased confidence and feelings of empowerment during an assisted delivery, we have an array of past birthing stories  .....  any birth choice or parenting style is respected, because you know your body and your baby best!  We can even help you relax at home, with some lovely on-site relaxation samples from our antenatal classes and now a wonderful and unique calming CD for babies produced in collaboration with UK record label Jazz for Babies - simply luscious!



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