From birth to baby with Lazy Daisy

Total continuity of care when you need it most

Whether you have just taken your pregnancy test or are 38 weeks pregnant;  whether you are getting to know your newborn, or looking for things to do with a lively tot, there is something Lazy Daisy® and the Daisy Birthing® antenatal and active birth programme and Daisy Baby® baby massage, yoga and imagi-movement programme, can do for you - And with new teachers appearing across the UK all the time (and now Worldwide too), our wonderful movement based birth and baby education is becoming ever more accessible to all mums keen to enjoy a relaxed-active birth or a chilled-relaxed baby!

Our approach to birth education and weekly antenatal movement classes is, we feel, unique.  Whilst many other antenatal programmes use traditional 'class room' based antenatal education or pregnancy yoga based stretch, breathe & relax techniques, Daisy Birthing® is one of the only antenatal class programme to link movement, self hypnosis and massage together, to create a totally multi-sensory approach.  This  ensures are classes appeal to all learning styles and allows mums to enjoy gentle pregnancy appropriate movement (for well-being), alongside a range of innovative props, music and hypnosis based scripts which really bring the birth journey to life and allow them to experience as near as possible, a virtual labour!  

We have been equally creative with our baby classes, realising baby tends not to enjoy lying on the floor for extended periods whilst they wait for their infant massage to be completed - rather they need time in arms, time moving, time travelling through space and time just being lulled with white noise or songs.


Providing you with your birth or baby tool kit

Essentially the aim of all our birth supporters (mums like you who are passionate about birth) is to help you birth with confidence and excitement, whatever your birth plan!  Daisy Birthing® classes are here to provide friendly tuition in relaxed-active birth techniques which are equally suited to a hospital or home birth (we do not believe in movement for movement's sake, but movement for improvement).  Our antenatal classes really can help you unlock the key to a more confident birth, help with common ailments, encourage optimum foetal position for baby and also (through our 'This is Birth' couples workshops, provide a repertoire of support techniques for your birth partner too.  If you are keen to learn how movement, position, gravity, breathing and relaxation can support your birth journey, then look no further!

After birth of course comes baby ...... And with specifically tailored modules to appeal to the new parent ('This is Baby' Newborn), to the younger baby (Tinies) and to the growing baby looking for bouncy bouncy fun, you can be sure of a session which is developmentally appropriate, as well as enjoyable for you and your little one.

With our new Daisy Tots module, we can remain part of your peer network until your baby reaches the age of 4.

So many families have stayed with us for 1st, 2nd and even 3rd babies ..... We love watching the Daisy Babies grow and hope to meet yours soon.


Lazy Daisy Classes